About Us

About Us

Effegi aims to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by using advanced technologies and adhering to the highest standards of safety and respect for the environment.


effegi lavaggi idrodinamici chimici chi.siamo

Effegi S.r.l. has been working in industrial maintenance since 1962. Right from the word go we developed specialized, high quality expertise in the maintenance of industrial equipment, particularly in the Oil & Gas sector.

A love of technological innovation, quality of performance, safety at work and the desire to achieve total customer satisfaction has made Effegi today a successful, dynamic and efficient business; the merger in March 2017 with Migen SpA, a company that had traditionally operated in the sector since 1974, was a forward-looking move designed to internationalise the market, broaden our range of services and attain a higher level of quality and performance.

The major services we plan and carry out are:

  • ultra-high-pressure cleaning with high-pressure motor pumps and robotic systems
  • chemical cleaning, pickling and degassing
  • hydro sandblasting and cryoblasting
  • automated cleaning of crude oil tanks using No Man Entry & inert technologies
  • cleaning and decommissioning of plants
  • cold cutting of metals
  • rapid response for environmental cleaning
  • making safe of equipment and piping
  • management and disposal of hazardous waste

for the following market sectors:

  • Petrochemicals
  • Oil & Refining
  • Energy
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Naval Air & Sea


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