Effegi S.r.l. has developed specialised, high quality expertise in the maintenance of industrial equipment, particularly in the Oil & Gas sector


EFFEGI S.r.l's business structure is as follows:

Technical Department:
15 technicians managed by a graduate director who make up the Technical Office, Marketing, Planning and Budgeting, Planning and Programming of Resources and Work, Co-ordination and Management of Work, Maintenance, Safety and Quality;

Executive Department
110 hydrodynamic and chemical technicians on permanent contract

Research Department
Design and sale of high-pressure hydrodynamic equipment
Research and development of applications for chemical products in refining processes
Design and production of equipment for water and gas treatment.

Administrative, Management Control, Quality and Safety department:
10 employees managed by a graduate director.

Computer equipment
EFFEGI S.r.l. uses up-to-date computer equipment enabling rapid communication between departments and worksites.

Our head office and administrative headquarters is in Peschiera Borromeo (MI). Our operational headquarters in Venezia-Marghera comprises:
* A 2,000 sq m concrete warehouse with an automatic fire-fighting system, lifting equipment, warehouses for storage of chemical products with emergency underground tanks, storage for chemical and hydrodynamic equipment, a maintenance workshop and a spare parts store
* A 500 sq m office building on two floors adjacent to the warehouse. On the top floor are 500 sq m dedicated to the offices, the 500 sq m on the ground floor being dedicated to staff services, foremen's offices, restaurant services, analysis laboratory and a staff training and information room.
A yard of 3,000 sq m equipped with sewers and systems for pre-treatment of waste water

effegi team

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