Lavaggi ad alta pressione

Our hydrodynamic cleaners use KINETIC ENERGY from jets of water with up to 3,000 bars of pressure produced by volumetric pumps.

Gestione rifiuti

Management, transportation and intermediation of waste, registration under categories 4,5 and 8 of the National Register.

The SPOT system reduces the potential risks associated with lowering a floating roof when there are peaks in the dregs at the bottom of the tank. The action of the mixers can also be monitored by using the SPOT system on a regular basis

Lavaggi chimici

Chemical cleaning technology is used for descaling, pickling, rehabilitation, cleaning and passivation of metals and for treating internal and external surfaces of pipes and industrial production and processing equipment

Taglio a freddo

Wet cold cutting of metals and refractories, using jets of pressurised water mixed with abrasive particles

Trattamento fondami

Effegi S.r.l. guarantees maximum recovery of crude oil dregs using the BSW system

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