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L'eccellenza italiana per la manutenzione industriale

Advanced technologies and high safety standards in full respect of the environment, are the flagships of the leading group of Effegi industrial maintenance.

Pompaggio e fluidificazione di circa 4.000 mc di olio combustibile

Pumping and fluidisation of about 4,000 cu m of heavy combustible oil with a significant presence of heavy hydrocarbon particles and water, contained in a vertical storage tank above ground, into tankers for transportation in real time to the treatment plants.

Sezionamento mediante idrotagli a freddo

Cold cutting of the following components at an oil refinery using hydro jet cold-cutters: Riser (inside reactor, Reactor overhead line, Reactor dome, Lines, Regenerator overhead line, Regenerator dome, Silencer, All hydro cutters to be of a suitable type to enable subsequent re-welding. All work to be carried out during an important turnaround

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