Italian excellence in industrial maintenance

Advanced technologies and high safety standards in full respect of the environment, are the flagships of the leading group of Effegi industrial maintenance

From its beginnings way back in 1962 to the recent 2017 merger with historic company Migen SpA, Effegi has been a provider of important services chiefly in the huge petrochemical, food and agriculture sectors but also in the pharmaceutical, naval and air-sea industries. A company founded with great ambitions and with even greater successes under its belt, today Effegi has an international reputation with its high-precision equipment installation and maintenance operations.

Not just Oil & Gas

The huge, complex range of certified skills offered by Effegi does not apply exclusively on the oil & gas sector. The wide range of specialisations of this group, whose headquarters is at Marghera (VE) but which operates throughout Europe, caters for a variety of industries. The company designs and offers services such as automated rehabilitation of crude oil tanks using ‘No Man Entry’ and inert technology, cleaning under ultra-high pressure using high pressure motor pumps and various robotic systems, degassing, chemical washing and pickling of equipment, rapid response for environmental rehabilitation, making safe of equipment and pipes, and disposal and management of hazardous waste.

Cold cutting. A safe, flexible system guaranteed by Effegi

With its professionalism and expertise, Effegi offers its customers the latest generation of technologies, reliable even in highly critical working conditions, for the cold cutting of metals, alloys and refractory materials using flexible systems that can be operated remotely and are capable of making circular, straight or circumferential cuts. The use of UHP machines in the 2,000 and 2,500 bar class with pressurised water jets mixed with abrasive particles ensures an extremely high level of precision in the results achieved and also a high level of safety at work.

Effegi's certifications

One of the Effegi Group’s primary objectives is to ensure maximum efficiency and the proper development of its Integrated Management System by the application of UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and SCC** standards, and by keeping its staff continuously and thoroughly up to date with professional developments.

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