EFFEGI believe is that its work must be carried out to satisfy the requirements of quality, care for the environment and the health and safety of its workforce

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

The fundamental working principle of EFFEGI S.r.l. is that its work be carried out to satisfy the requirements of quality, care for the environment and the health and safety of its workforce.

For this purpose, EFFEGI S.r.l. employs a policy of continuous improvement in its performance relating to quality, the environment and safety at work, where possible using innovative methods for reducing or eliminating any possible negative impact of its activity on these areas

The management of EFFEGI ensures that its QHSE policy

  • is constantly in line with the Company's strategic objectives and compliant with national standards and with its own standards of excellence in relation to the environment and safety at work;
  • seeks continuous improvement in the efficiency of the Integrated Management System;
  • forms part of a framework in which objectives relating to quality, the environment and safety are defined and reviewed;
  • is communicated and understood within and outside the company and by all those who work on its behalf;
  • is regularly reviewed to ensure its compatibility with the activities relating to the company's continuous improvement policy;
  • is compatible with the company's continuous commitment to customer satisfaction.


We consider that quality, protection of the environment, safety and the efficiency of the service rendered to the customer, whether internal or external, are essential for a business to remain competitive. EFFEGI S.r.l's policy has the following objectives:

  • to raise the awareness and involvement of its workforce, suppliers and customers in respecting their working environment and safety standards by conducting themselves in a safe manner both inside and outside the workplace;
  • to raise the awareness of its workforce of the need to avoid situations of conflict between their personal interests and those of EFFEGI S.r.l. in their dealings with suppliers, customers and other third parties;
  • to carry out its activities by pursuing above all else a policy of safety in the workplace and respect for the environment, including the prevention of pollution in its broadest sense;
  • to carry out its activities in such a way as to protect the safety of its employees, of third parties involved in its activities, of customers and of the general public;
  • to prevent accidents, injuries and illnesses at work through the active participation of every employee;
  • to identify and eliminate situations of risk relating to its activities and to handle quickly and effectively any emergencies or other incidents arising during the course of its activities;
  • to ensure that its services comply with • the specific needs of the customer; • the requirements of EFFEGI S.r.l. • the relevant standards.
  • to ensure the efficiency and proper development of its Integrated Management System through: • compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and SCC** standards; • association with the relevant certification bodies and institutes; • continuous staff retraining;
  • to adopt a crime prevention system in compliance with Legislative Decree 231/01;
  • to ensure continuous improvement in levels of quality, environmental performance and workplace safety for every process, through activities that are fully integrated with the various business functions;
  • to measure the quality of its services and environmental performance by using systematic internal monitoring and external verification processes through customer satisfaction surveys;
  • to liaise with the quality, safety and environmental protection departments of its customers and other persons working on behalf of EFFEGI S.r.l.

EFFEGI S.r.l. has always pursued a policy of rigorous observance of the laws and directives relating to its activities. The Management considers a reputation for proper behaviour to be an invaluable quality.

EFFEGI S.r.l. is interested not just in results but in the way they are achieved. The Management expects all its employees and partners to behave with honesty and with respect for the company's policies.

The Integrated Management System requires all staff to be trained and informed in the above matters and to play an active role in the achievement of the quality, environmental and safety objectives.

The Integrated Management System shall be subject to periodic audits carried out by internal or external qualified personnel.

The Company's Legal Representative and associated staff shall verify the proper application of its systems and shall present an annual review of company data to assess its adequacy over the year. It shall also propose a set of business objectives covering technological improvements, the satisfaction of customers and other interested parties, and continuous improvements in productive efficiency, environmental performance and safety.

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